About German photographer, Peter BIALOBRZESKI (b.1961, in Wolsburg)

Peter BIALOBRZESKI is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious World Press Photo Award (2003 and 2010). In 2012 he was granted the Dr. Erich Salomon Award by the German Society of Photographers. He is teaching at the HBK in Bremen.

Photo books by Peter BIALOBRZESKI

  • 'Neon Tigers / Tigri di Luce' (2004); 'Heimat' (2005); 'Lost in Transition' (2007); 'Calcutta' (2007); 'Paradise Now' (2009); 'Caase Study Homes' (2009); 'Informal Arrangements' (2011); 'The Raw and the Cooked' (2012); 'Nail Houses' (2014); 'Die zweite Heimat' (2017); 'Give my Regards to Elizabeth' (2020) and the ongoing Diary series (since 2014) with these cities: Athens, Beirut, Belfast, Budapest, Dhaka, Cairo, Kochi, Linz, Minsk, Osaka, Taipei, Wolfsburg, Wuhan, Yangon, Zurich.

In 2015, World Press Award winner Peter BIALOBRZESKI returned to his hometown Wolfsburg to document the changes that the city has undergone since he left many years ago. 'Wolfsburg Diary' is part of the ongoing international 'Diary' photo book series.
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The book 'Calcutta' contains photoworks by twenty-one photographers who, under the direction of Peter BIALOBRZESKI, have documented the disappearing, crumbling splendor of this incomparable cultural heritage as part of the 'Kolkata Heritage Photo Project'
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HC with dust jacket, 33 x 25,5 x 2 cm., 88 pp., 34 color ills., bilingual text: German / English
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'Athens Diary', the second photo book in Peter BIALOBRZESKI's ongoing 'City Diary' book project with city portraits. Here he travels to the scene of the biggest European crisis in decades to document the consequences on one of the urban centers of Greece.
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'Linz Diary' is dedicated to a city, which was a provincial & governmental city of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as considered by Adolf Hitler as his hometown. Against this background, the photographer Peter BIALOBRZESKI documented the cityscape in 2019.
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In his atmospheric photo volume 'Nail Houses', Peter BIALOBRZESKI records buildings in China that are about to be demolished. For outsiders, the color photographs taken in the evening convey a feeling of homeliness, despite the cracks in the walls.
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'Cairo Diary' by photographer Peter BIALOBRZESKI captures the city of Cairo between the fall of Morsi and Mubarak. They show daily life in the Egyptian capital in a time of great urban, social and political upheaval and renewal. Part of the 'Diary' series
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The 'Minsk Diary' by Peter BIALOBRZESKI contains full-page color photographs of Europe's 11th most populous city, administrative capital of the 'Commonwealth of Independent States' (CIS), and the capital of the Belarusian Republic in former Soviet Union.
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'Give my regards to Elizabeth' is Peter BIALOBRZESKI's first photo book - clearly influenced by British color photography of the 1980s. Now, 27 years after the hand-made copies, the Trade Edition followed as facsimile in the original layout.
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The tenth volume of the 'City Diary' book series by Peter BIALOBRZESKI, 'Kochi Diary', documents everyday life in a city in the Indian state of Kerala. The color photos show the looseness of a photographer who has already worked in many emerging countries
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