About the German artist, Joseph BEUYS (1921-1986)

"Joseph Heinrich BEUYS was a German action artist, sculptor, medalist, draftsman, art theorist and professor at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, who would have turned 100 on May 12, 2021. In his extensive work he dealt with questions of humanism, social philosophy and Anthroposophy. This led to his specific definition of an 'expanded concept of art' and to the conception of social sculpture as a total work of art by calling for creative participation in society and politics at the end of the 1970s 20th century and, according to the biographer Reinhard Ermen, is to be seen as an 'ideal typical opponent' to Andy WARHOL. Joseph BEUYS recognized the need for ecological rethinking early on: in 1979 he ran for the European Parliament as a direct candidate for 'The Greens'; the city of Bolognano made him an honorary citizen in 1984 after winning the first 400 of 7000 B trees and bushes for the establishment of a nature reserve in the municipality." (Source: wikipedia)

Books about Joseph BEUYS (a selection)

'Über Beuys' (1972, von Romain Wedever); 'Coyote' (1976, 1988, 2008, 2021, photographs by Caroline TISDALL); 'Werkübersicht. 1945-1985' (1996, 2021); 'Beuys in Amerika' (1997, 2021); 'Transsibirische Bahn' (2004);  'Posters' (2004, 2021); 'Düsseldorf-Oberkassel. Drakeplatz 4' (2015); 'Titus/Iphigenie' (2018, photographs by Abisag TÜLLMANN); 'beuys 2021' (2021); 'Everyone is an artist' (2021); 'Laughing' (2021); 'Kunst Kapital Revolution' (2021)

In 'Joseph Beuys: Kunst Kapital Revolution' Philip Ursprung undertakes a historical journey to central BEUYS locations and offers a comprehensive overview of his works in the social, as well as economic-political context of the Federal Republic of Germany
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'Joseph Beuys. Werkübersicht 1945-1985' is the ideal introduction to Beuys's world of thought and imagination and the work he left behind in all its many metamorphoses. 152 illustrations from all of the artist's creative areas and a text by Alain Borer.
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'Four Books in a Box', shows Joseph BEUYS as a showman, but also in private moments and allows an exciting look at him through the eyes of those who knew him best. Limited edition of 900 slipcases with a photograph, signed and numbered by Gerhard Steidl.
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This very limited 180g vinyl with the 'Laughings' by Joseph BEUYS from a trip back from United States in 1974 is edited by Klaus STAECK & Gerhard Steidl, together with an English-German booklet, housed in a printed sleeve with the format 25 x 25 cm.
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This photo volume, 'Düsseldorf-Oberkassel. Drakeplatz 4' shows Eva BEUYS' impressive documentation of an artist's apartment that was also a studio. For this was a magical place where work on groundbreaking art concepts was mixed with raising children.
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This volume, 'Joseph Beuys. Posters, contains, in addition to numerous plate illustrations, a complete and authorized index of all posters created during Joseph BEUYS' lifetime and is indispensable for all BEUYS lovers and collectors.
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'beuys 2021. 100 years of Joseph Beuys' contains contributions from different fields, generations & cultures. In a dialogue with the aphorisms of Joseph BEUYS, the emergence & viability of his vision of a future based on the principles of art are explored
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This photo volume shows the documentation by theater photographer Abisag TÜLLMANN of the action 'Titus Andronicus/Iphigenie' from May 29, 1969, which has a significance in the work of Joseph BEUYS: his only action in the experiential space of theater.
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The catalogue 'Heinrich Riebesehl. Fotografische Serien 1963-2001', shows the diverse work of Heinrich RIEBESEHL and his consistent work in series, like the photographs of the early happenings of Joseph BEUYS or the picture series 'Menschen im Fahrstuhl'.
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