The catalog volume brings together the most important works by Jitka HANZLOVÁ as well as insightful texts, thus bridging the gap between works such as 'Rokotnik' & 'inhabitant' from the 1990s to their most recent, contemplative series, 'Vanitas' & 'Water'
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The winning title of this year's 'First Book Award 2020' examines the issue of forced immigration within the boundaries of Europe's past and present. Inspration for HEINISCH was the travel by relatives in 1945 and 1978, which led them to death or freedom.
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Richly illustrated compendium with many readable and interesting essays. The extensive field of amateur or commercial photography is examined: pictures that were created for bureaucracy, commerce & for personal commemoration - in contrast to artistic use.
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Josh KERN's self-published title 'Love Me' is an artist's book - created out of the desire to create something new. The book with page-filling (and even more hidden) color photographs and handwritten notes reflects this unbridled young artist's creativity
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The Belgian company 'Gevaert' had accidentally disposed many tons of silver from photo film production since the 1920s. A factory worker realized what assets were being washed away every day; this story fascinated photographer Lucas LEFFLER.
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This fictional story by the Belgian photographer immerses the reader in a nocturnal, mysterious atmosphere and shows childhood from an unusual perspective: not carefree and light-heartedness, but gravity and secrets, which also contain this phase of life.
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In her third photo book, XU documents the lives of people at the foot of the Great Wall of China. The wall is not a single, continuous structure, but a collection of fastenings that are also undergoing a visual transformation due to the change in China.
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In a convincing artistic form, this photo book 'Mayflies' deals with the way the photographer feels about her own motherhood after losing her own mother. 'Mayflies' impresses with its special book design (by Joao LINNEU) and its excellent print quality.
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On the streets of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Without a specific destination, no marked points on the map, no place to stay. The goal was to be on the go. Alex WEBB and Alec SOTH could have been the inspiration for the photographs in the best sense.
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