"The great single picture is emotionally satisfying, whereas getting a good journalistic story is more about being a professional" (Ian Berry)

About the British Magnum photographer, Ian BERRY (b. 1934, in Lancashire)

Ian BERRY moved to South Africa in 1952. There he worked for several newspapers and journals, among them the magazine Drum. The recipient of many awards, including the Arts Council's first major photographic bursary in 1974 and Nikon's Photographer of the Year Award in 1977, Ian Berry is a member of Magnum Photos and has exhibited worldwide.
The Englishman who first made his way to South Africa as a teenager, has spent four decades documenting ordinary lives in extraordinary circumstances. After photographing the Sharpeville riots of 1960 - a pivotal event - he elected to concentrate not on 'the violent concentration between black and white, but the society that gave cause to it.' His efforts to get 'under the skin' of that tense society have resulted in a rich and enlightening chronicle of segregation that recalls the powerful photojournalism of W. Eugene SMITH. Henri CARTIER-BRESSON invited Ian BERRY to join Magnum in 1962 when he was based in Paris. He moved to London in 1964 to become the first contract photographer for the Observer Magazine. Since then assignments have taken him around the world: he has documented Russia’s invasion of Czechoslovakia; conflicts in Israel, Ireland, Vietnam and the Congo; famine in Ethiopia; apartheid in South Africa. The major body of work produced in South Africa is represented in two of his books. His last years projects have included child slavery in Ghana and the Spanish fishing industry.

Photo books by, on and with works by Ian BERRY (a selection)

'Book on black stage musical, King Kong' (1960); 'The English' (1978); 'World Photography: 25 Great Photographers (1981); 'Black and Whites. L’Afrique du Sud' (1988); 'In Our Time: The World As Seen by Magnum Photographers' (1990); 'Living Apart' (1996); 'The Sea' (2008); 'Sold into Slavery' (2008)

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'Living Apart' by Magnum member Ian BERRY includes work from the 1960s for Drum magazine as well as key moments from the 1990s during the collapse of apartheid: the rise of Mandela, reconciliation, & the alarming escalation of urban problems and violence.
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The out-of-print 'Zeitblende' was published on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the famous photo agency Magnum. The picture & text book provides an overview of the impressive field of reportage photography that is commensurate with its significance
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  • 1959: Nikon World Photo Contest Awards, 1st and 3rd; British Press Pictures, Feature Photographer of Year Award
    1960: British Press Pictures, Feature Photographer of Year Award
    1969: Art Director’s Club of New York Award
    1974: Awarded British Arts Council’s first major photographic bursary (led to his book 'The English')
    1977: Nikon Photographer of Year Award (first ever)
    1981: Pix of Year, magazine news, Award from Missouri School of Journalism and National Press Photographers of America
    1990: Made Honorary Fellow, University of Lancashire
    1996 Made Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society
    2005: National photography magazine award for lifetime achievement in photography
  • 1970: 'Personal Views', British Council Exhibition
    1972: 'Photographers’ Gallery, London
    1973: 'Inside Whitechapel', Whitechapel Art Gallery
    1976: 'The English', Photographer’s Gallery, London & Solo colour exhibition, Paris Photo Fair
    1977: Exhibition Hamburg Culture House
    1979: Participated Magnum Exhibition, Tokyo
    1982: 'Year of India', joint exhibition at National Theatre
    1983: Geographic colour prints at Olympus Galleries, Paris and Hamburg
    1984: 'Britain in 1984', National Museum of Photography
    1985: 'Contemporary British Photography,' Museum of Modern Art, Paris
    1986: 'The English', XYZ Gallery, BE & 'South Africa', FNAC Gallery, Paris
    1995: Visa Pour L’Image, Perpignan
    1996: 'Living Apart', Royal Photographic Society, Bath
    1997: Aix en Provence literary week
    1998: Museum of Photography, Bradford
    2001: 'English Revisited', Focus Gallery, London
    2004: 'Living Apart', the Royal Armoury Museum, Leeds & 'South Africa', Brunei Gallery, London
    2007: 'Cild Slavery', Visa Pour L’Image, Perpignan; 'Water', The Lowry Gallery & 'The North', The Lowry Gallery; 'A Look at Colour Magazines', Guardian Gallery
    2009: 'South Africa update', Wales