'Cologne and its photo books. Cologne in the photo book from 1853 to 2010 'by Werner Schäfke shows the city as a large puzzle. Whether published in-house, on behalf of the city or industry, they document the diversity of this old & young Rhine metropolis.
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Self published 'Bear Girls' by Ute BEHREND tells of an Indian tribe that dresses its pubescent girls in bear skins and lets them grow up apart with other girls their age. In this atmosphere they can develop undisturbed. In fact, this story is fictional.
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The Cologne Carnival in photo works by German photographers Theodor BARTH, Ute BEHREND, Thekla EHLING, Dirk GEBHARDT, Matthias JUNG, David KLAMMER, Frederic LEZMI, Nadine PREISS and Wolfgang ZURBORN.
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'Girls, Some Boys and Other Cookies' by Ute BEHREND reflects the attitude towards life in the 1990s. From babies with their toys to little girls with their self-confidence, big girls with their pubescent insecurities and adult women with their role plays.
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In 'Fairy Tales' Ute BEHREND tells stories of girls & young women, everyday objects & houseplants, forests & lakes. From a pool of images that seem found and never posed, she puts together pairs that only at first glance have nothing to do with each other
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