About the photographer Bernd & Hilla BECHER

As photographers Bernhard "Bernd" BECHER (1931-2007) and Hilla BECHER (1934-2015) gained international reputation with their b/w photographs in the 1970s. They founded the famous Düsseldorf School of Photography and educated many photographic personalities, who are today considered as the 'Becher School' from an international point of view outstanding representatives of German photography: Andreas GURSKY, Thomas STRUTH, Candida HÖFER, Thomas RUFF, Jörg SASSE, Axel HÜTTE, Elger ESSER, Götz DIERGARTEN, Petra WUNDERLICH and Tata RONKHOLZ among others.

Central for the perception of the work was the participation of the BECHERs at 'documenta 5' (1972), where they exhibited a series of industrial buildings, which should become formative for their future photographs. Ileana Sonnabend discovered BECHER's work for the USA and set up a first exhibition in her New York gallery in 1973. In 1973, photographs by Bernd and Hilla Becher were presented in Paris.

Bernd and Hilla Becher pursued the goal of documenting industrial buildings that were typical of their period of origin and often threatened with demolition. Characteristic for their approach are often 'unwindings', 6, 9, 12 or more photographs of the same object at fixed, differing angles. This resulted in 'typologies' of industrial buildings. The photographic work of Bernd and Hilla BECHER is a serial concept in the sense of New Objectivity. From the perspective of the visual arts, it was soon assigned to conceptual art.

Photo books by Bernd & Hilla BECHER

'Steine und Kalköfen' (2013); 'Zeche Hannover' (2010); 'Bergwerke und Hütten' (2010); 'Zeche Concordia' (2007); 'Getreidesilos' (2006); 'Leben und Werk' (2005); 'Typologien industrieller Bauten' (2003); 'Hochöfen' (2000); 'Serien Bernd & Hilla Becher' (2000); 'Industrielandschaften' (2000); 'Fachwerkhäuser des Siegener Industriegebietes' (2000); 'Bergwerke' (1998); 'Wassertürme' (1998); 'Fabrikhallen' (1994); 'Grundformen' (1993); 'Gasbehälter' (1993); 'Pennsylvania Coal Mine Tipples' (1991); 'Typologien' (1990); 'Fördertürme' (1985); 'Anonyme Skulpturen' (1970)

Actual print run, HC, 25 x 29 x 3,5 cm., 336 pp., text language: English
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Photo-text volume 'The Düsseldorf School of Photography' traces its ascendancy from the mid-1970s. Filled with superb reproductions of the artists' best-known pictures, this compendium offers the first encyclopaedic overview of this important movement.
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The focus of the catalog illuminating the early phase of the BECHER school is on the mutual influences between the image concepts emerging in Düsseldorf and the innovations of the 'New-Color Photography' and the 'New Topographics' movement in the U.S..
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Long time out-of-print catalog volume 'Aus der Distanz' features works by Bernd and Hilla BECHER as well as by Becher students Andreas GURSKY, Candida HÖFER, Axel HÜTTE, Thomas RUFF, Thomas STRUTH as well as Petra WUNDERLICH. And it contains two texts.
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The German-language text volume 'About my artists' contains speeches, lectures, texts about German and international photographers, artists, friends, books and works on the 75th birthday of the publisher's founder and director Lothar Schirmer.
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The out-of-print photo volume 'The Mill' (Die Mühle) by Matthias SCHALLER is a document of the living and working spaces of Bernd and Hilla BECHER, a former paper mill in the Düsseldorf district of Kaiserwerth, in which the couple lived from 1961 to 2003.
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In 'Steinwerke und Kalköfen', German photographers Bernd & Hilla BECHER document buildings in the stone processing industry in Europe. For 30 years they photographed the different variants of a building type from the early days of industrialization.
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Photo book 'Typologien industrieller Bauten'' by Bernd & Hilla BECHER was published in 2003 as a paperback edition. It is the bestseller among the BECHER titles. He contains individual images arranged in tableaus, supplemented by a text by Armin Zweite.
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The photo volume 'Fathom' ('Lot' in the German version) by Bernhard FUCHS contains full-paged portraits. Once again we feel the prevailing atmosphere of closeness and distance, which is unique to him, was already visible and tangible in his other series.
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