About German photographer, Werner BARTSCH (b.1965)

Werner BARTSCH studied communication design with a focus on photography. After graduating, he commuted between New York and Berlin until 1996, when he settled in his adopted home of Hamburg as a freelance photographer. He is a member of the Bund Freischaffender Fotodesigner (BFF) and works for renowned national and international magazines and agencies. His art projects take him time and again to the most diverse regions of the world.

Photo books by Werner BARTSCH

  • 'Desert Birds' (2011)
    'Airtropolis' (2013)

The colourful 'Desert Birds' series by Werner BARTSCH was taken at aircraft storage areas in the USA, which are normally sealed off from the outside world. This photographic volume is a tribute to countless hours in the skies as well as to long journeys.
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