About the German photographer, Christoph BANGERT (b. 1978)

Christoph BANGERT works as a photographer, author, educator and certified bus driver. He studied photojournalism and documentary photography at the ICP in New York. Since graduating, he has photographed in Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Japan, Nigeria and Iraq, among other places. He is the initiator of the non-profit Fotobus Society, the largest student photography project in Germany. Christoph BANGERT lives in Cologne, Germany together with his wife Chiho and their two daughters.

Photo books by Christoph BANGERT

'Rumors of War' (forthcoming in 2021); 'hello camel' (2016); ''War Porn' (2014)

'Am I exploiting the people in my pictures? Is it moral to work as a war photographer? Why are we attracted to images of other's misery? Am I producing war pornography?' In 'War Porn' Christoph BANGERT dares to experiment with turning off self-censorship.
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'Hello Camel' by Christoph BANGERT documents the bitter absurdity of war in Afghanistan, Gaza, Darfur, Lebanon and Iraq. He contrasts the clichéd notion of modern war as a fast-paced, dramatic and heroic event with calm and tidy, strange and alien images.
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Published in newspaper format, '40 Jahre laif. 40 Positionen dokumentarischer Fotografie' is both an exhibit and a catalog of the exhibition of the same name, which celebrates the anniversary of the German photographers agency from Cologne.
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'Rumors of War' by Christoph BANGERT is a personal diary of a former war photographer. He describes his inner conflict between the egoism driven feeling of doing something meaningful and the concern of his family & friends going through hell emotionally.
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