About the photographer Lyoz BANDIE (b. 1994, in Tours)

Lyoz BANDIE is from Tours in France and studied law there for several years before moving to Belgium to study art. Graduating with great distinction from the Saint-Luc School of Art in Liège, Lyoz BANDIE self-published a first draft of the book on the occasion of the judging, which testifies to the search for his new first name. As a young queer photographer, Lyoz BANDIE questions gender through an eclectic and multidisciplinary path.

Photo books by Lyoz BANDIE

'La peau du prénom' (2023)

The photo book 'La peau du prénom' (The skin of the first name) by Lyoz BANDIE is the story of the obsessive hunt for a new first name. An intimate and sensitive story, a coming out, a dive between genders that invites to question this social construction
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