About the British photographer, David Bailey (b. 1938, in London)

David BAILEY is a photographic autodidact who, after an assistantship at the John French Studio (1959), obtained a contract as a fashion photographer with Vogue Magazine and from then on worked mainly freelance. Known as a chronicler of 'Swinging London', he served as the model for the figure of the star photographer in Michelangelo Antonioni's cult film 'Blow Up' in 1966. He portrayed numerous people of the fashion, music and film scene as well as the English royal family. Less well known are his everyday scenes documented on numerous trips abroad, in which often nameless people in their poor living environment are the focus. 

Photo books by and about the work of David BAILEY

'Trouble and Strife' (1980); 'Black and White Memories' (1983, Ausstellungskatalog); 'Archive One. 1957-1969' (1999); 'Birth of the Cool. 1957-1969' (2000); 'Locations' (2003); 'Havana' (2006); 'NY JS DB 62' (2007); 'Eye' (2009); 'Flowers, Skulls, Contacts' (2010); 'Delhi Dilemma' (2011); 'Stardust' (2014); 'East End' (2014); 'Tears and Tears' (2015); 'Naga Hills' (2017); '117 Polaroids' (planned for 2022); 'Matilda' (planned for 2022); 'Road to Barking' (planned for 2022)

'Havana' by David BAILEY shows him at the peak of his skills with photographs that reflect the full range of different genres of the medium. From lively street reports to portraits worth seeing, it offers an indispensable look at the skin city of Cuba.
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With the 'Naga Hills' series, photographer David BAILEY fulfilled his long-held desire to visit this part of the mountain barrier between India and Myanmar (Burma) to document the landscape and personalities of the mystical homeland of the Naga tribes.
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Out-of-print volume 'NY JS DB 62' features photos of David BAILEY in wintry New York in 1962. By leaving the confines of the studio behind and taking photos on the street, he set new standards and brought the UK back to the forefront of popular culture.
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The volume 'Tears and Tears' contains the best 'test tears' that transform some of his most famous subjects - David Bowie and others - into fascinating abstract images. With the preserved cracks he wanted to preserve the unpredictable, unique 'accidents'.
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For 39 years, British photographer David BAILEY has photographed his wife Catherine on Polaroid film. The result, '117 Polaroids', has evolved organically over the decades. It is a visual poem, a testimony of collaboration and personal experience.
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In his double volume called 'Delhi Dilemma', British photographer David BAILEY avoids depicting the cultural & economic differences between East and West. By showing colors, textures & people that characterize Delhi, he created a sensitive city portrait.
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Out-of-print volume 'Birth of the Cool' by Daid BAILEY traces his life & work in the years from 1957-1969: his beginnings and contains photographs from London's East End, as well as previously rarely shown private & documentary footage from his archive.
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'East End' consists of three hardcover books housed in a slipcase. Together the three volumes contain 620 photographs of the East End of London, each volume a collection of images taken by David BAILEY during a different decade, from the 60s up until now.
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In 'Road to Barking' David BAILEY documents the borough of Barking & Dagenham in London's East End and its inhabitants: musicians, flower sellers & butchers, passengers on the Underground, policemen & punks and abandoned boats on the banks of the Thames.
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In the German-language book 'Locations. Die Siebziger Jahre', alongside photographs of Andy Warhol, Bob Marley & Salvador Dali, people and grievances are shown that David BAILEY encountered on his travels through India, Mexico, Japan, Brazil or New Guinea
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