About the German book maker, Thorsten BAENSCH

Thorsten BAENSCH is trained as a bookseller and book manufacturer in Hamburg, Cologne, Munich & New York. He studied painting in Brussels and Milan. Since 1995 he has published over 80 artist’s books and editions with his publishing project Bartleby & Co. He teaches book design at the Arts² College in Mons (BE) and regularly gives courses at art colleges, for example in Arles, Bremen, Brussels and Liège.

Photo books by Thorsten BAENSCH

'Von Ort zu Ort' (2021, with Norbert Schöbel)

The book 'Von Ort zu Ort / The 12 Year Walk) by Thorsten BAENSCH is a long-term project documenting a trek through seven countries. This illustrated travelogue takes the reader on a journey marked by various leitmotifs such as danger, death, and nature
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