About German photographer Jessica BACKHAUS (b. 1970)

Jessica BACKHAUS studied photography and visual communications in Paris. Here she met Gisèle FREUND, who became her mentor. In 1995 her passion for photography drew her to New York City. Her work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the National Portrait Gallery, London, and the Martin- Gropius-Bau, Berlin. Jessica BACKHAUS is represented by Yancey Richardson Gallery in New York and The Photographers’ Gallery in London; until today she has published eight photo volumes which are highly appreciated by photo book lovers and some of which have been out of print for a long time.

Photobooks by Jessica BACKHAUS

'Jesus and the Cherries' (2005); 'What still remains' (2008), 'One Day in November' (2008); 'I wanted to see the World' (2010); 'Once, still and forever' (2012); 'Six Degrees of Freedom' (2015); 'A Trilogy' (2017); 'Far Away but Close' (2019); 'Cut Outs' (2020)

This new edition of 'Once, Still and Forever' (original released in 2013) is limited to 1,000 signed copies. BACKHAUS proves her infallible instinct for picture compositions that open up a cosmos of unforeseen meanings in the midst of loving familiarity.
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Boxed set of 10 photo volumes by Jessica BACKHAUS, Gerry BADGER, Harvey BENGE, John GOSSAGE, Todd HIDO, Rob HORNSTRA, Rinko KAWAUCHI, Eva Maria OCHERBAUER, Martin PARR as well as Alec SOTH
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SIGNED COPY! Out-of-print 'One Day in November' by Jessica BACKHAUS is a tribute to Gisèle FREUND on what would have been her one 100th birthday in Dec. 2008, a testament to the friendship between a great photographer and a student in Paris during the 90s
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At first unconsciously, then more and more purposefully, the photographer sets out to find her own origin. Jessica BACKHAUS' color photographs have metaphorical potential and work against the grain of classic social documentary photography.
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Very limited printed 'Far away but close' shows works that Jessica BACKHAUS has done in Chile over the past seven years. "The power of color creates the feeling that we see something that we see every day but have never seen before." (© Antonio Skármeta)
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This photo book combines three series with around forty colored works each. The photographer Jessica BACKHAUS is breaking new ground in 'Trilogy' and integrating components from mixed media, painting and collage that expand and deepen these abstractions.
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SIGNED COPY! 'What Still Remains' contains fifty color photographs created since 2006 in various locations. Jessica BACKHAUS examines why things that have been forgotten or left behind pop up in specific places and then seem to take on a life of their own
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In 'Cut Outs' Jessica BACKHAUS consequently continues her path of abstraction already taken in photo volume 'A Trilogy' - using analog methods she creates and documents visual experimental arrangements, poetic choreographies of intense, sunlighted colors.
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Jassica BACKHAUS shows in 'Jesus and the Cherries' people in their apartments, at work, and in the untouched Polish landscape. The pictures are neither intrusive nor tactless; she encounters people with dignity and full of admiration for the way of life.
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