About German Photographer Florian BACHMEIER (b.1974, in Tegernsee)

Florian BACHMEIER studied photography at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios in Pamplona, Spain from 1996-1998. Since 2010 he is working as
independent photographer and since 2012 he is a member of N-Ost news network for Eastern Europe. Florian BACHMEIER lives and works in Munich as well as in Madrid.

Photo books by Florian BACHMEIER

  • 'In Limbo. Ukraine 2013' (2021)

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Signed! 'In Limbo' by Florian BACHMEIER, describes a state of numbness & insecurity against the backdrop of the Ukraine conflict. The images, taken over the last 8 years, make historical processes visible, as well as their psychological & social effects.
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  • 2014: 1st Prize N-East Reportage Award Photography Category for 'The White Death. Tuberculosis in Moldova'
    2015: Press Photo of the Year Press Photo Bavaria; 1st prize for the best photo series Press Photo Bavaria for 'Waiting for Minsk' (Leica Award)
    2016: 1st prize for the best photo series Pressefoto Bayern for 'Hope Interrupted' (Leica Award)
    2017: 1st prize for the best photo series Pressefoto Bayern for 'Hope Interrupted II' (Leica Award)
    2018: Nomination for the World Press Photo 6x6 Global Talent Program.
    2020: Press Photo of the Year Bavaria
    2022: Franz Ringseis Culture Award of the SPD Hausham

Solo exhibitions
  • 2001: 'My eye, your eye,' Universidad Pública de Pamplona
    2006: Gallery Bueroschmid, Munich
    2009: 'A Forgotten Promise,' Free Art Workshop Munich
    2010: 'A Forgotten Promise', Hospital Agatharied
    2011: 'A Forgotten Promise', Galería Traficantes de Sueños, Madrid
    2013: 'Living electrified. The electrification of Albania', National Museum Tirana
    2016: 'Endstation Sehnsucht', Herzogsburg District Museum, Braunau am Inn; ; Hope Interrupted', Haus am Dom, Frankfurt am Main
    2019: 'Verlorene Heimat' (Lost Homeland), cultural center Waitzinger Keller, Miesbach
    2021: 'In Limbo', Gallery Book Art Berlin
    2022: 'Behind the lines', European Art Academy Trier; 'In Limbo', Kreuzkirche Zeulenroda-Triebes
Collective exhibitions
  • 2003: Galería Pincel, Pamplona
    2014: 'Two on the Black Sea', Gallery of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Berlin
    2015: Press Photo Bavaria (traveling exhibition)
    2016: 'Black Sea Kaleidoscope', Gallery Kösk, Munich; Pressefoto Bayern (traveling exhibition)
    2017: Press Photo Bavaria (traveling exhibition)
    2018: Press Photo Bavaria (traveling exhibition)
    2019: Press Photo Bavaria (touring exhibition)
    2020: Press Photo Bavaria (traveling exhibition)
    2021: 'Berg', Kulturherbst Schliersee; 'Fortress Europe / Stay away. Rescue excluded', Theaterschiff Potsdam, Potsdam
    2022: 'Now more than ever!', Festival for Human Rights, Holzkirchen