About German photographer, Alexander BABIC (b.1974, in Bielefeld)

Alexander BABIC made his apprenticeship as an advertising photographer from 1995 until 1998 at The Vogelsänger Studios, followed by an internship at Cartwhright Studios, Manchester in 1998.
In 2001 he began his studies of Visual Communication at the University of Applies Sciences, Bielefeld. He moved to Hamburg in 2005 where he worked as freelanced assistant to different car, fashion and portrait photographers worldwide. In 2005 he made his diploma.

Photo books by and with works by Alexander BABIC

  • 'Roadshow' (2009)
    'Inselstolz' (2013, a text book with portrait photographs)

The text volume 'Inselstolz. Zwischen Strandkorb und Sturmflut' (Island Pride. Between beach chair and storm surge) recounts twenty-five lives in the North Sea, written down by Gerhard Waldherr, flanked by colorful portrait photographs by Alexander BABIC.
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