About the Islandic photographer, Ragnar AXELSSON (b. 1958)

The motifs of the Icelandic photographer Ragnar AXELSSON are people, animals and landscape. However, the focus of his work is on the extraordinary relationships that the people of the Arctic have forged with their extreme environment. With 'Arctic Heroes' on the shortlist for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2020.

Photo books by Ragnar AXELSSON

'Faces of the North' (2004), 'Die letzten Jäger der Arktis' (2010), 'Behind the Mountains' (2013), 'Last Days of the Arctic' (2013), 'Gesichter des Nordens' (2016), 'Arctic Heroes. A Tribute to the Sled Dogs of Greenland' (2020); 'Where the Wold is Melting' (2022)