The book 'Chai Wan Fire Station' by Chan DICK uses bird's eye view to great effect. It consists of thirty color photographs selected from 1,500 images taken over months. For this, the photographer received the 1st prize at the Hong Kong Photo Book Awards.
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For his self-published and now out-of-print-photo-volume, 'Sometimes I Cannot Smile', the Italian photographer Piergiorgio CASOTTI traveled to Tasiilaq, the capital of East Greenland, to document the life of the Inuit on site.
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In his book '22 days in Between', Salih BASHEER collects the few memories he has of his parents, who passed away when he was 3 years old. These memories, seen from a child’s perspective are presented in a mix of images, writing, self-portraits & drawings.
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'Sorry I Gave Birth I Disappeared But Now I’m Back' by Andi Galdi VINKO explores new motherhood in all its messy, beautiful reality. In a visual diary of those early months, she juxtaposes the mundane with the momentous in a visual mash-up of everything.
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The winner of the Book Award at Arles 2023, the photographic debut volume 'Witch Hunt Vol.1: the Banished of Balsapuerto' by Christo GEOGHEGAN is an investigation into the murder of a number of sorcerers in the Peruvian Amazon and the theories behind it.
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