About the photographer, Morgan ASHCOM

Morgan ASHCOM is an artist based in Charlottesville, Virginia, whose work explores the tension between invented and experiential narratives. Despite the realist style of his works, they are fictionalized through collaboration and context. In 2013 he made the MFA in Photography at Hartford Art School. His work has been exhibited and published (inter)nationally and his work has been featured in The New Yorker magazine and Le Monde magazine.

Photo books by Morgan ASHCOM

'What the Living Carry' (2017); 'Leviathan' (2015)

'What the Living Carry' tells about a small town in Southern USA. Based on his own memories of the rural surroundings in which he grew up, Morgan ASHCOM combines photos, typed letters and a hand-drawn map into a fictional story about a foreboding place.
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Photo volume 'Leviathan' by Morgan ASHCOM deals about a community founded in 1995 by nonconformists in southeast Ohio and tells of the utopia of an independent life in freedom parallel to the materialistic outside world and the confrontation with nature.
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