“What I'm interested in is people, the ones I don’t see represented anywhere.” (© Liz Johnson ARTUR)

About the Russian-Ghanaian photographer Liz Johnson ARTUR (b. 1964, in Bulgaria)

Liz Johnson ARTUR is educated in Germany and arrived in London in 1991 where she has compiled a body of work dedicated to the African diaspora worldwide, brought together in her 'Black Balloon Archive' since the last 25 years. In 2021 she received the 1st Women in Motion Award for Photography. These dynamic documentary photographs, in black and white and in color, paint a complex picture of Black identities. In lieu of working with a ‘subject’, the artist photographs human beings and uses her work to tell stories.

Photo books by Liz Johnson ARTUR

'Liz Johnson Artur' (2016)

This photo book about Liz Johnson ARTUR brings together portrait photographs in color and black-and-white taken in various countries: Peckham, Russia, USA, Africa, the West Indies & Europe. In the main, she photographed milieus, such as the Paris ghettos.
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