About the German photographer, Bernd ARNOLD (b. 1961)

Bernd ARNOLD works as a photo artist and photo journalist for German and international print media; he studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund. One focus is portrait photography. The portraits, arranged in series, draw their tension from the interplay of portrayed acquaintances and well-known personalities, closeness and distance, and the ephemeral nature of the moment. Bernd ARNOLD lives and works in Cologne.

Photo books by Bernd ARNOLD

'Das Kölner Heil' (1997); 'Wahl Kampf Ritual' (2013)

'Cologne and its photo books. Cologne in the photo book from 1853 to 2010 'by Werner Schäfke shows the city as a large puzzle. Whether published in-house, on behalf of the city or industry, they document the diversity of this old & young Rhine metropolis.
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'Kölner Heil (Cologne Salvation). 1986-1996' by Bernd ARNOLD examines the power & rituals of the Catholic Church in Cologne as well as an autonomous system of salvation in its power structures, which lives on seemingly untouched by all the developments.
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Signed. 'Wahl Kampf Ritual' by Bernd ARNOLD examines German election campaigns by photographing politicans during their 'work': Brandt, Schmidt, Kohl, Schröder, Merkel as well as Strauss, Vogel, Rau, Lafontaine, Scharping, Stoiber, Steinmeier & Steinbrück
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