The LATIN AMERICA category means the whole continent and includes the areas South America.

This photo book set by Nick BRANDT includes the volumes 'The Day May Break' (2021) and 'The Day May Break. Chapter Two' (2023).
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HC with dust jacket, 25 x 20 x 1 cm., 48 pp., b/w ills., text language: English
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'Mouvement' about René BURRI gives an overview about his work which has written history. Removed from sensationalism yet no less striking are his images of the theater of war, of people suffering in poverty & with equal intensity to the spheres of beauty.
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In his out-of-print photo volume 'Tonatiuh', Juan BRENNER examines the contemporary Guatemalan society from the perspective of the mestizaje and the consequences of the Spanish conquest in the form of a complex, segregated and deeply troubled society.
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In over 400 duotone images, out-of-print book 'Fotografien' on the work by Swiss René BURRI - edited & compiled by Hans-Michael Koetzle - shows his unique relationship to the major political events, key politicians, artists & cultural figures of his time.
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The second photo volume by Tariq ZAIDI, 'Sin Salida', is the result of three years of documentation and shows the struggle of the state of El Salvador against two brutal gangs that have sophisticated extortion and domination networks throughout the region
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Volume No.6 of the book series 'Grosse Photographern unserer Zeit' (Great Photographers of Our Time) presents the work of Swiss Magnum photographer Werner BISCHOF (1916-1954) in over 80 b/w images - works in the area of tension between art and reportage.
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For the US-american photographer Shellburne THURBER, an animated place is an extension of the body and a projection space. Her photo volume 'Analysis' shows a selection of color photographs of psychoanalytic practices in Buenos Aires and in New England.
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The photographic volume 'A Light Inside' by Danielle VILLASANA is a counter to the sensationalist, stereotypical portrayals of trans women. It shows their life in Peru, where the photojournalist spent three years in a community of transwomen in Lima.
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