About the photographer, Louise AMELIE

Louise AMELIE is part of the Berlin based photographer & director trio ALFA: two young photojournalists - Louise Amelie & Aljaž Fuis - and the production designer Anne LaForêt, which focus their work on artist portraits coming mostly from the music industry and other creative backgrounds. Since 2018 they won the 'Portrait of Humanity 2021'; 'German Photobook Award 2018/19'; 'Fresh Eyes / Gup Magazine 2019' and 'Lensculture Emerging Talent Award 2018/19'.

Photo books by Louise AMELIE / ALFA

'Off Worlds. 2017-2020' (2021)

High dimension sized photo volume 'Off Worlds' by Louise AMELIE & Aljaž FUIS shows the periphery of American natural & urban landscapes. Spatial separation from society often creates a felt demarcation, as an expression of independence, pride and freedom.
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