About the Mexican photographer Liza AMBROSSIO (b. 1993)

Liza AMBROSSIOis a multidisciplinary artist. She studies communication sciences with a focus on journalism. In 2014 she studied in critical seminars of the Cuban curator Juan Antonio Molina at the platform 'page in soft'. In early 2016, she graduated with a diploma in New Documentary Photography with José Luis Cuevas and Iván Ruiz. Her photographic works explore the hybridization of psychology, biology and mysticism in conjunction with autobiographical narrative concepts through photography and texts. It uses a symbolic language that operates in the abstraction, staging, archiving, documentation, representation, and enactment of spaces. She creates images that speak about trauma as something that precedes us, from the spiritual, bloody, physiological and mental halito. Her works are developed in the territories of the familiar from a disenchanted, funny, perverse and unnatural perspective. The photographic works of Liza AMBROSSIO have been exhibited internationally and have received many awards, including the prize of PHotoEspaña Descubrimientos, the Prix de Voies Off in Arles and the Prix pour la photographie Musée du quai Branly. Liza AMBROSSIO lives and works alternately in Spain, France and Mexico.

Photo books by Liza AMBROSSIO

'The Rage of Devotion / La Ira de la Devoción' (2018); 'Blood Orange / Naranja de Sangre' (2021)

The book 'The Rage of Devotion / La ira de la devoción' by Liza AMBROSSIO shows the process of a woman facing the destruction of a world that does not allow her to grow and create, and the beginning of a reconstruction with the fragments of another order.
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In this volume, 'Blood Orange / Naranja de Sangre', Liza AMBROSSIO, infected by the aesthetics of Japanese counterculture and Aztec rituals of human sacrifice, she mixes psychological techniques of manipulation, with science, fiction, eruro & witchcraft.
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