About the German photographer, Dirk ALVERMANN (1937-2013)

The Düsseldorf-born photographer, filmmaker and writer Dirk ALVERMANN began photography in 1956 - at the time of the reconstruction of the Federal Republic and the German economic miracle. Because of his socially critical, anti-colonial and peace policy view, he published his pictures mainly in the GDR as well as in France, Algeria, England, Italy and Poland. In quick succession photo reports were made about Spain (1957–62), Algeria (1958–60), Albania (1962), West Germany (1962–65), Italy (1964) and England (1965). In 1959 he moved to West Berlin and in 1966 finally to the eastern part of the city (GDR).

Photo books by Dirk ALVERMANN

'Algerien/L’Algerie' (1960, 2010, 2012); 'Keine Experimente' (1961); 'Eine Handvoll Glück' (1969); 'Ich liebe Dich' (1979); 'Zwischen den Zeiten' (2006'; 'Da capo' (2008); 'Klein Paris' (2011); 'Streiflichter' (2012); 'Fotoreportagen 1956-1965' (2018)

The out-of-print photo and text volume 'Fotoreportagen 1956-1965' on the work of Dirk ALVERMANN contains in addition to the black and white photographs an excellent article on his photo books penned by the photo book connoisseur Thomas Wiegand.
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This out-of-print photo volume 'Dacapo', co-designed by Dirk ALVERMANN, contains b/w photographs whose subjects range from street carnivals in Düsseldorf & Cologne to everyday situations and photographs that can be read as political-critical commentary.
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'Algeria' by Dirk ALVERMANN consists of political contemporary documents, quotes from French military sources, pamphlets, newspapers and magazines that once accompanied him. As facsimile, it was also part of the sought-after 'Protest Box' by Martin Parr.
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The 'Dirk-ALVERMANN-Photobook-Library' currently contains one copy each of nine publications, which are already out of print at their publishers. Some of the books are SIGNED, like 'Keine Experimente' (1961), 'Zwischen den Zeiten' (2006) & 'dacapo' (2008)
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SIGNED COPY. Out of print from the publisher, the biographical volume 'Zwischen den Zeiten. Rhapsody in Schwarzweiß' with over 200 b/w photographs from the 1950s to the 1980s represents the personal balance of the work of the photographer Dirk ALVERMANN.
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With reportages from Albania, Italy, Poland, Spain & UK, Dirk ALVERMANN reminds in 'Streiflichter 1956-65' of the richness and diversity of European culture and history. Like fairy tales from ancient times, the b/w images tell of Europe's political roots.
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The 'Protest Box' compiled by British photographer as well as photo book expert Martin Parr contains five facsimile editions of out-of-print photo volumes by Enrique BOSTELMANN, Paolo GASPARINI, Dirk ALVERMANN, Kauz KITAI and Paolo MATIOLI & Anna CANDIANI
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SIGNED COPY. In his 2nd photo volume 'Keine Experimente', Dirk ALVERMANN takes a critical and mocking stance on the period of the economic miracle as well as the Nazi past. The b/w photographs were taken between 1956 and 1961 in Berlin and the Rhineland.
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'Klein Paris' by Dirk ALVERMANN combines Düsseldorf war destruction with cheerfulness of the shooting festivals and the carnival. Next to photos that hint at the political stalemate of the Adenauer era: Youthful lust vs. the elder generation's resignation
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