About the Italian photographer, Mauro D'AGATI (b.1968, in Palermo)

Mauro D'AGATI began working as a professional photographer in 1996. Initially, he mainly captured Sicilian jazz festivals and art and theater events. His concern towards an effective narration of contemporary social issues has led him to channel his visual work into the creation of photobooks, his primary medium. In addition to various Steidl publications, he also now self-publishes his photo volumes.

Photo books by Mauro D'AGATI 

  • 'Softly Walking: A Spasso Felpato' (2000); 'VUCCIRIA' (2006, 2019); 'Palermo Unsung' (2009); 'Alamar. Habana - Cuba' (2010); 'Napule Shot' (2010); 'Las Vegas' (2011); 'Sit Lux et Lux Fuit' (2012); 'Marzia's Family' (2015); 'Corridors' (2019); 'Distrito Federal' (2019); 'Oniricus' (2019); 'Tan' (2019); 'The City that No One Has Seen' (2020); 'The Children of Humble Freedom' (2021); 'O. P.G.' (2021); 'Palermo Panorama' (announced for 12/2023)

Out of print photo book, 'Alamar' by Mauro D'AGATI represents a unique moment in the history of the Cuban Revolution, when a utopian dream became reality. At the same time, the Italian photographer's photographs illuminate the moment when the dream faded.
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The photographic volume 'Palermo Panorama' by Mauro D'AGATI consists of thirteen chapters, organically evolving into a complex image of the city. Always full of empathy, he portrays the resilient characters and the decaying beauty of his hometown Palermo.
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'Sit Lux Et Lux Fuit' by Mauro D'AGATI, with its images of Masonic meetings, temples, symbols, documents and portraits of Masons, provides a glimpse into their complex rituals, which are a blend of serious, mysterious traditions and everyday Cuban life.
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Loose sheets in pb. with PVC transparent dust jacket, 30 x 22 x 3 cm., 176 pp., 90 color ills. (4-color process, Offset LE-UV technology), no text, only details in English, Ltd. to 500 copies
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