About Canadian photographer, Bryan ADAMS (b. 1959, in Ontario).

Bryan ADAMS is active as a musician and photographer. In 2003 he founded Zoo Magazine, for which he was awarded the Golden Feather media prize. In 2006 he won the German Lead Award for his series on actor Mickey Rourke. He has photographed for magazines such as Interview, i-D, Harpers's Bazaar, and British and German Vogue. His photographs are exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery and the National Portait Gallery in London, as well as the Haus der Kunst in Munich, among other venues.

Photography books by Bryan ADAMS

  • 'Exposed' (2012, 2017); 'Wounded' (2013); 'Untitled' (2016); 'Canadians' (2017); 'Homeless' (2019)

Portraits in 'Homeless' by Bryan ADAMS show characters beyond socio-economic circumstances. The portraits can be seen as a continuation of 'Wounded': young British soldiers who have suffered life-changing injuries during the fighting in Iraq & Afghanistan
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In 'Canadians', Bryan ADAMS focuses on people from Canadian society, people from the music scene, but also politicians and people from the business world. With this selection of his subjects he builds a bridge between generations of portrait photographers
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Out-of-print 'Exposed' gives an overview of the photographic work of Bryan ADAMS. It contains portraits of friends & colleagues from the entertainment, fashion & art industries and shows unknown facets of his motifs as well as the depth of his photography
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The photo book 'Wounded. The Legacy of War' by Bryan ADAMS contains portraits of young British servicemen and women who returned wounded from Iraq or Afghanistan or were wounded during exercises. Accompanying interviews shed light on each individual fate.
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Following his two books of portraiture, 'Exposed' & 'Wounded', 'Untitled' is a large-format book featuring abstract graphic photographs by Canadian photographer Bryan ADAMS along with an introduction on the sea, its unstoppable force and incredible beauty
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