About the photo artist, deisgner & educator, Alejandro ACÍN

Alejandro ACÍN is interested in the construction, contestation and obliteration of archives as systems of discourse and silence; his work responds to theoretical debates that surround the construction of collective memory and its relation to capitalist socio-political dynamics. To expand the understanding of self-publishing he uses photography, film, collaborative strategies, site-specific installations, publications and digital platforms to convey his ideas. His work has been exhibited in the UK, Italy, Spain and Colombia.

Photo publications by Alejandro ACÍN

  • 'The Corrupted Game' (2014, set of 50 post cards)
    'All Hands on Deck' (2015, artist book)
    'A Trading Journey' (2016, newspapper format)
    'The Rest is History' (2022)

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The book 'The Rest is History' is a commentary on the British Brexit decision in 2020. Alejandro ACÍN questions the construction of history through theatrically staged photos taken in London during the last 24 hours of British-European political relations
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Alejandro ACÍN is also founder director of IC Visual Lab, an artist-led organization based in Bristol (UK) that produces and supports contemporary photography across audiences. In 2016, he founded ICVL Studio where he collaborates with other artists and organizations as a designer and art director in printed and digital publishing projects. His publications have been internationally recognised by TIME Magazine, PDN Online, Photoworks, FOAM, British Journal of Photography or Aesthetica Magazine. He is currently an associated lecturer in Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales and Gloucester University. Since March 2022, he is the Bristol Photo Festival Director. Alejandro ACÍN is an artist, designer and educator who lives and works between Spain and the UK.