About Spanish photographer and book designer, Laia ABRIL

Laia ABRIL is a visual artist, photographer and bookmaker from Barcelona. After graduating in journalism, she enrolled at FABRICA - the Benneton Artist Residency; there she worked for 5 years as creative editor and employee photographer in COLORS magazine. Her projects have been shown across Europe, the US and China and published in the media around the world. Her work takes place in many private and public collections.

Photo books by Laia ABRIL

  • 'Tediousphilia' (2014); 'The Epilogue' (2014); 'Lobismuller' (2017); 'On Abortion' (2018); 'The Backway' (2022)

The comprehensive publication 'The How we See: Photobooks by Women' is an invaluable reference. Sien contains current and historical photo books by women photographers, a chronology and essays on the history and practice of photo books by women.
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The photo volume 'On Abortion' by Spanish photographer Laia ABRIL documents the dangers and harms that result from the lack of legal, safe and free access for women to abortion and uncovers a harrowing series of stigmata and taboos around the topic.
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The werewolf, about which the nifty photo book 'Lobismuller' by Laia ABRIL is about, was a woman who lived in the 19th century. lived in Spain. The story of Spain's most enigmatic and bloodthirsty serial killer is reconstructed from a female perspective.
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Laia ABRIL has been working on projects dealing with the so-called 'world epidemic of eating disorders' since 2010. The volume 'The Epilogue' tells the story of the Robinson family and the consequences of the loss of their 26-year-old daughter to bulimia.
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