About the Dutch photographer Hans AARSMAN (b.1951)

The profession of Hans AARSMAN can best be described as field work. His photographic work has been shown several times at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. He has written several plays, including a monologue starring Garry WINOGRAND. Every Thursday the Aarsman Collection appears in the Volkskrant, in which he hovers over the photos like a detective with a magnifying glass.

Photo books by and with the participation of Hans AARSMAN

  • 'Hollandse taferelen' (1989); 'Aarsman's Amsterdam' (1993); 'Het Engeltje dat op mijn tong Pieste' (1995); 'Amsterdamse documentaire foto-opdrachten 1992-1994' (1995, together with works by Hans van der MEER, Maya PEJIC, Henze BOEKHOUT, Paul BOGEARS, Adrienne van EEKELEN, Wijnanda DEROO, Bertien van MANEN, Johan van der KEUKEN and Kadir van LOHUIZEN); 'PhotoWorks in Progress II, Constructing Identity / PhotoWork(s) in Progress' (1999, together with works by Joachim SCHMID, Wout BERGER, Noor DAMEN, Korrie BESEMS, Linda ROODENBURG, Janny RODERMOND and Paul GILROY); 'Useful Photography #001-#016 (since 2000, jointly edited with Claudie de CLEEN, Julian GERMAIN, Erik KESSELS, Hans van der MEER, a.o.);'Marnix Goossens. Regarding Nature. Nature in Almere' (2001, text); 'Vrrooom! Vrrooom!' (2003); 'Ad van Denderen. Go No Go. The frontiers of Europe' (2003, sworn in together with Roelof MULDER); 'Transit country. Belgian Motorways' (2006, joint work by Rob van HOESEL and Rosmalen VERTALERS); 'Off the record' (2009, joint work by Theo BAART, Elly BALTUS, Rineke DIJKSTRA, Frank MANDERSLOOT, and many others); 'k zie ik zie. 'De Aarsman Collectie' (2009); 'The Many Lives of Erik Kessels' (2017);

'The Many Lives of Erik Kessels' provides an overview of how to better understand and appreciate the hybrid way of working of the Dutch photographic artist Erik KESSELS, who defies any categorization. With more than twenty works as well as many essays.
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'The Dutch Photobook' deals with the recent history of the Dutch photobook. Selected titles were placed in the context of developments in photography & society on the basis of the themes of landscape, youth, travel, urbanity, and the autonomous photobook.
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Deutsche Ausgabe, broschiertes Exemplar ohne Schutzumschlag (wie erschcenen), 21,5 x 27 x 2,5 cm., 256 S., S/W & Farbbabb., deutsch-sprachiger Text - HERE GERMAN TEXT ONLY!
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