Hans-Christian SCHINK, Gedicht: Oswald Egger, Book Design: Florian LAMM


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"The German term 'Hinterland' describes the sparsely populated areas off the cities. As the title of this book it refers to the remote regions of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, surrounding the greater area of Berlin.

Hans-Christian SCHINK explains: 'On the other hand, the title Hinterland also refers to the imaginary landscapes that emerge from my memory. Landscapes that I know from my childhood….so this series is not about portraying concrete places. My pictures are more the result of a search without a destination.'

In his project, that he pursues since 2012, Hans-Christian SCHINK tries to keep a balance of showing the brittle beauty of this form of landscape whilst transporting an atmosphere of melancholy, which stems from the endangerment of this landscape caused by the permanent exploitation of its resources.
The titles of his pictures, using the regular names of the locations, such as 'Bei Kublank, Plath, Cölpin, Bei Woldegk, Am Wanzkaer See' etc. – have an unfamiliar if not strange, foreign or outdated sound even to German native speakers." (publisher's note, © Hartmann Projects, 2019)

About the photographer, Hans-Christian SCHINK (b. 1961 in Erfurt):
Hans-Christian SCHINK studied at the Academy of Visual Arts (HGB) in Leipzig. He is considered one of the most important representatives of contemporary photography in Germany.
SCHINK's works, mostly landscape studies in the field of tension between nature and civilization, are exhibited internationally and can be found in important public and private collections.

Exhibitions 2020:
Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus, Augsburg, January 24 –March 15
Fotografische Sammlung, Schloss Kummerow, 3. April–1.November
Kunsthalle Erfurt starting November

"Hinterland meint einerseits die dünn besiedelten Landstriche abseits der Großstädte, in dieser Serie speziell die abgelegenen Regionen Brandenburgs und Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns.
Andererseits bezieht sich der Fotobuchitel 'Hinterland' auf die imaginären Landschaften, die aus meiner Erinnerung entstehen. Landschaften, die ich aus meiner Kindheit kenne." (© Hans-Christian SCHINK)

"Ortsbezeichnungen sind gleichzeitig auch seine Bildtitel und sie klingen selbst für deutsche Ohren seltsam, fremd und aus der Zeit gefallen: Grafenhagen, Plath, Bei Karpzow, Triezen, Cölpin, Am Darschkower See …. um nur eine Auswahl zu nennen." (Verlagstext, © Hartmann Projects, 2019)