Aglaia KONRAD, Emiliano Battista & Stefaan Vervoort (ed.s, text), Friedrich Achleitner (text), Hildegund Amanshauser (text), Elke Couchez (text), Penelo

From A to K

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"Structured and typeset like an encyclopedia, Aglaia KONRAD's 'From A to K' draws out and explores the plastic and aesthetic possibilities of the reference book format. It indulges in a certain fascination for lists and their cumulative force while seizing upon the fact that alphabetic organization is extremely orderly, but also, upon reflection, entirely random.

The book, From A to K' explores this in-between space and thwarts the self-evident integration of component parts in the reference work. Aglaia KONRAD's 'From A to K' features a sizeable selection of color and black-and-white photographs, which appear here for the first time.
Reflected in the images, and in the list that serves as their space of representation, is the artist’s longstanding engagement with architecture, urbanism, cityscapes and the shifting dimensions and shapes of our public and private environments." (publisher#snote, © Koenig, 2016)