Martin PARR, Susie Parr (text), Victoria FORREST (BOOK DESIGN)

Remote Scottish Postboxes

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"Martin PARR’s 'Rem ote Scottish Postboxes' have been described as the prolific photographer’s ‘only contribution to landscape photography’.

However, what PARR has achieved with these images is more a series of portraits of the lonely outposts of civilisation.
The Postboxes in each place, standing out red and awkward against the lonely and beautiful Scottish backdrops each have a personality and a character of their own.
The postboxes are not only characters in the places they inhabit, they are symbols; the steadfast outposts of the institution that is the British postal service set against the untamable Scottish landscape invite the viewer the pause and ponder on their own place in the world.

This box contains twelve of PARR’s Postboxes, presented as postcards – a most appropriate form for the images to find themselves in, whether their fate is to be collected and cherished or themselves posted and shared." (publisher's note, © RBB, 2017)

“When you are in the middle of nowhere, in a bleak landscape and in wild weather, these little post boxes are strangely comforting, a sign that other people are around, that life is going on, and that you are connected to the world.” (© Susie Parr)