Wendy MARIJNISSEN (photos, design), Gerard LEYSEN (Book Design)

Always the Guest

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By linking her own family history - the early loss of her parents - through her archive material from her childhood, Wendy MARIJNISSEN has created a very personal and haunting photo book.

"What does it mean to belong somewhere? 
How does a young woman from Belgium end up feeling more at home in a country like Pakistan,
a place so different then the one she comes from?
In this personal, self published photo book, 'Always the Guest', Wendy MARIJNISSEN tries to answer some of these questions.  
'Always the guest' is a story about loss, motherhood, about home and
what and more importantly who cross your path and help shape your identity. (...)

Each time I arrive in the late hours, somewhere between day and night. The damp air covers my face, warms up my body and makes my muscles relax as I step out of the Karachi airport.
Despite the nightly hour, driving up to city, everywhere you look, somebody somehow is there.
A city alive 24/7.
I settle in my room and after a jet-lagged nap step out and see the birds. I get an innate sense of home. Of feeling I belong here.
As the crows swoosh around among their flock, I wonder if birds are just like people too. At dawn they leave the tree where they rest and sleep at night - flying out, eating bugs, creating fascinating patterns that resemble a dance. Yet each time returning and settling back into the tree.
I feel like these birds.
Always flying out, yet each time returning. But where exactly is it that I return to? Karachi or Antwerp? Could it be both?" (Wendy MARIJNISSEN)

Durch die Verknüpfung ihrer eigenen Familiengeschichte - dem früher Verlust ihrer Eltern - durch eingearbeitetes Archivmaterial aus ihrer Kindheit hat Wendy MARIJNISSEN ein sehr persönliches und eindringliches Fotobuch erschaffen.

"Was bedeutet es, irgendwohin zu gehören?
Wie fühlt sich eine junge Frau aus Belgien in einem Land wie Pakistan wohl
ein Ort, der so anders ist als der, aus dem sie kommt?
In diesem persönlichen, selbstveröffentlichten Fotobuch 'Always the Guest' (dt.: Immer der Gast) versucht Wendy MARIJNISSEN, einige dieser Fragen zu beantworten.
'Always the Guest' ist eine Geschichte über Verlust, Mutterschaft, über Heimat und was und viel wichtiger ist es, wer deinen Weg kreuzen und deine Identität mitgestalten kann." (Wendy MARIJNISSEN)