And Then There was Silence

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"In the photo book 'And Then There Was Silence' you'll see new sides of what you had hoped to forget: The world anno 2017. It's not tough. It's way worse that that. This is your chance to see.
'And Then There Was Silence' shows the world all aspects of the world through Jan GRARUP's work. The book raises awareness and eyebrows, spurs reflection, shows beauty, and darkness.
It's a fist, a punch to the gut. It doesn't show wars, it shows war. It doesn't show the poor, it shows poverty. Not the hungry, but hunger. Not conflicts of the world, but a world in conflict. And a world, where hope flourishes in even the darkest of places. (...) 

'And 'Then There Was Silence' is a huge photo book with 496 pages, measuring 280 x 380 mm and weighing in at over 5 kg.
It’s not an easy book to handle – and that the point. The price is purposely kept as low as possible to make as many people as possible consider buying this important book.
Honestly, you won’t see a book anywhere in the world with this much muscle, at a price this low. This is a book meant to belong to the people." (publisher's note)

"This IS a book, that draws you to want to hold it just to get a feel of how and where you are going to land it before you open it. Every visitor homed in on the book, lifted it, sized it up, then found a reading position and started viewing.
'And Then There Was Silence' is a thoughtful collection of photographs by war photographer Jan GRARUP reminding us that the world out there is not all comfy coffee shops and shiny 4×4 cars …
Death, hunger and poverty have filled war photographer Jan GRARUP’s camera rolls over the past 25 years.

With 'And Then There Was Silence', his most recent release, he aims to show the world what happens when the bombs fall and people are forced on the run: 'The refugees’ stories are drowning in discussions about border bombs and whether they should be allowed to keep their wedding rings and mobile phones when en- tering our countries. I hope my pictures can break the stereorype and bring more compassion and re ection into in the debate', Jan GRARUP says.

‘And Then There Was Silence' invites the reader into the world of war, hunger and poverty, that photographer Jan GRARUP has been catching through his lens for the past 25 years. A portfolio that has shaped Jan GRARUP's life and the world around him.
The photos in 'And Then There Was Silence' are carefully curated . They give the incomprehensible a face and pushes the viewer’s idea of what happens when the bombs fall and people are forced to escape. A message that seems urgent at a time when discussions about the regulation of the ow of refugees overshadow humanity and hope.

Hope is Jans GRARUP’s driving force and a thorough theme in the book. Jan GRARUP takes you out in the worlds darkest corners but come home with images of people who play and live in bomb craters, hoping for a better future. With the book he asks the question: If people who have lost everything still retains hope how can we allow ourselves to give up?

Congrats on the book Jan!" (Will CARLTON, in: New photo book: ‘And Then There Was Silence’ – War photographer Jan Grarup, source: https://photoarchivenews.com/news/new-photo-book-silence-war-photographer-jan-grarup/, found on June, 14th)

"Jan GRARUP has over the course of his twentyfive-year career photographed many of recent history’s defining human rights and conflict issues. Grarup’s work reflects his belief in photojournalism’s role as an instrument of witness and memory to incite change, and the necessity of telling the stories of people who are rendered powerless to tell their own.
His images of the Rwandan and Darfur genocides provide incontrovertible evidence of unthinkable human brutality, in the hope that such events will never happen or be allowed to happen again.
His work, 'The Boys from Ramallah and The Boys from Hebron', covers both sides of the Intifada expressed through the lives of children coming of age amidst the violence.
GRARUPs work takes the viewer to the limits of human despair, dignity, suffering and hope. His images are relevant to us all, because they form a chronicle of the time in which we live, but at times do not dare to recognize."

In addition to the regular edition, there is three different Limited Editions – each signed by Jan GRARUP and with a signed limited print of one of Jan GRARUP`s images.

"Im Fotobuch 'And Then There Was Silence' wirst Du neue Seiten von dem sehen, was du vergessen wolltest: Die Welt anno 2017. Es ist nicht schwer. Es ist viel schlimmer als das. Das ist Deine Chance zu sehen.
'And Then There Was Silence' zeigt die Welt in allen Aspekten durch die Arbeit von Jan GRARUP.
Das Buch weckt Aufmerksamkeit, spornt zur Reflexion an, zeigt Schönheit und Dunkelheit.
Es ist eine Faust, ein Schlag in den Magen. Es zeigt keine Kriege, es zeigt DEN Krieg. Es zeigt nicht die Armen, es zeigt Armut. Nicht die Hungrigen, sondern den Hunger. Keine Konflikte der Welt, sondern eine Welt in Konflikt. Und eine Welt, in der die Hoffnung selbst an den dunkelsten Orten blüht. (...)

'And Then There Was Silence' ist ein massiges Fotobuch mit 496 Seiten, 28 x 38 cm. groß und über 5 kg schwer.
Es ist kein einfaches Buch - und das ist der Punkt. Es wurde versucht, den Preis so niedrig wie möglich gehalten, damit möglichst viele Menschen dieses wichtige Buch kaufen.
Ehrlich gesagt, wirst du nirgendwo auf der Welt ein Buch mit so viel Muskeln sehen, für einem so niedrigen Preis. Dies ist ein Buch, das dem Volk gehört." (freie Übersetzung des englisch-sprachigen Verlagstextes)

Neben der regulären Edition gibt es drei verschiedene Limited Editions - jede von Jan GRARUP signiert und mit einem signierten, limitierten Print von einem von Jan GRARUPs Bildern.