Uwe BEDENBECKER (photos, text, design)

London Windows, Nature & One tattoo

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"London has always attracted people from all over the world, famous or unknown, to live there permanently or for a limited period of time.

In 1870 Frederick Engels moved to a four-storey mid-Victorian townhouse in London ́s Regent ́s Park Road in Primrose Hill. Shortly before his 50th birthday he sold his family business in Manchester which allowed him to continue living as a wealthy speculator and author until his death in 1895.

He chose Primrose Hill to be close to his friend Karl Marx who lived just a short walk nearby. At that time London was the world-largest city in population." (publisher's note, © Caravanbook, 2017)

"Ein kleiner, feiner Fotoband von Uwe BEDENBECKER dokumentiert die britische Hauptstadt mit ganz persönlichen Eindrücken." (© Richard G. SPORLEDER)