Weronika GESICKA (photos, design), Book Design: Katarzyna SAGATOWSKA, Maga SOKALSKA


HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 22 x 25,5
x 1,5 cm. (8 3/4 x 10 inches), 64 pp., 29 color ills, no text.
Self published in 2017.
ISBN 9788394927301

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"'Traces' presents a selection of photomontages created by Weronika GESICKA on the basis of American stock photographs from the 1950s and 1960s.
Family scenes, holiday memories, everyday life – all of that suspended somewhere between truth and fiction. The images, modified by GESICKA in various ways, are wrapped in a new context: our memories of the people and situations are transformed and blur gradually.
Humorous as they may seem, Gesicka’s works are a comment on such fundamental matters as identity, self-consciousness, relationships, imperfection." (© Weronika GESICKA)

"Most of us have probably long ago come to terms with the fact that photography has ceased to be a proof of existence. Post-truth, which has become an inherent part of the modern world, in particular, the world which relied on our faith in the photographic image, only deepens this impression. The way we read reality is often superficial and based on clichés. We tend to refrain from seeking the truth and verifying news, even that which raises our doubts. We find it convenient to accept a vision of reality that someone has prepared for us. Therefore, rather than treating Weronika Gęsicka’s Traces as a study of the medium of photography, I see it as an attempt to confront questions about the clichés we create in our lives and our implication as a society in a facade-like reality. The discreet, but perplexing, disruptions of perception which make up Traces, are disguised by an innocent — at times intelligent, and at times perhaps too anecdotal — visual game with the viewer that has the potential to send a powerful warning signal about the present." (©: photoeye, source: http://blog.photoeye.com/2017/12/2017-best-books-rafa-milach.html)


"'Traces' vereint eine Auswahl von Fotomontagen, die von Weronika GESICKA auf Basis amerikanischer Stock-Fotografien aus den 1950er und 1960er Jahren geschaffen wurden. Familienszenen, Urlaubserinnerungen, Alltag - irgendwo zwischen Wahrheit und Fiktion.

Die von Weronika GESICKA auf verschiedene Weise modifizierten Bilder werden in neuem Kontext wieder gegeben: unsere Erinnerungen an die Menschen und Situationen werden transformiert und verschwimmen allmählich.
So humorvoll sie auf den Ersten Blick erscheinen, Weronika GESICKAS Arbeiten sind ein Kommentar zu so grundlegenden Dingen wie Identität, Selbstbewusstsein, Beziehungen, Unvollkommenheit." (frei übersetzt, © Weronika GESICKA)