Dayanita SINGH

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"In 'Museum Bhavan' Dayanita SiINGH creates a new space between publishing and the museum, an experience where books have the same if not greater artistic value than prints hanging on a gallery wall.

Consisting of nine individual 'museums' in book form, 'Museum Bhavan' is a miniature version of SINGH’s traveling exhibition of the same name whose prints are placed in folding expanding wooden structures (her 'photo-architecture'), which she likes to interchange at will.

The images in 'Museum Bhavan' - old and new, intriguingly literal and suggestive—have been intuitively grouped into lyrical chapters in a visual story such as 'Little Ladies Museum' and 'Ongoing Museum', as well as more specific series like 'Museum of Machines'.

Following her 'Sent a Letter' (2008), the starting point for this project, the books are housed in a handmade box and fold out into accordion-like strips which Singh encourages viewers to install and curate as they wish in their own homes. The exhibition thus becomes a book, and the book becomes an exhibition.