Amazonien + Grönland

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"I am focusing on relevant and specific climate localities and their population living between established tradition and global modernity. Their existence and their space to live are seriously threatened by outer influences of our modern world, be it through direct or indirect impacts of climate change.
I initiated my project on two continents of two extreme climate zones: In East Greenland and at the Amazon basin in Ecuador.

My approach towards indigenous people of the rain forest in comparison to the other side of the world, native people at the North Pole within their environment inevitably meant for me participating in their daily lives, spending time with them on a personal level and observing their habits, their way of life. T
hus I was able to take intimate portraits with their natural surroundings.

Building bridges between cultures: In 2013 I returned to these places with large format photographs only to implement my vision of confronting two peoples living in two climate extremes. Showing them their photographs and gaining their trust I realized a large format installation. Integrating and enclosing the photographs to the rain forest and mounting them on icebergs I achieved my goal, creating a bridge between two cultures (Vimeo video: Tropic Ice)." (© Barbara DOMBROWSKI)


"Barbara DOMBROWSKI veröffentlichte im Rahmen Ihres TropicIce-Projektes zwei Fotobände, die die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf Mensch und Natur in zwei sehr unterschiedlichen Gegenden dokumentieren: im Amazonas-Regenwald in Ecuador und im Polargebiet, Ost-Grönland.
Die Bände zeigen neben vielen Porträts von Menschen der jeweiligen Region auch das aufsehen erregende Ausstellungsprojekt mit Bildern vor Ort (siehe auch:" (© Richard G. SPORLEDER)