Hammer for Scale

HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 13 x 16,5
x 2 cm., 166 pp., b/w ills., English, Ltd. to 20 copies.
Self published in 2017.
ISBN n.a.

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"'Hammer for Scale' is a photographic anthology that I started to compile towards the end of 2016 by tracing individual appearances of a common field instrument within U.S.G.S. Web Archives.
Prioduced partly by uncredited photographers throughot the course of a century, these images provide a concise illustration of rock hammers depicted in relation to varying features of the landscape.
To me, confronting these photographs in a sequential order calls for an enquiry into the peculiarities of an invasive vision, that relies on the secondary qualities of this emblematic tool to transform it into a visual placeholder negotiating with nature. Here, as the ambivalent meaning of images are instantly harnessed by their verbal counterparts, the desire to delinate,quantify and categorize phenomena unfolds itself with each turn of the page.
On this new ground, an empty passage of self-referential instances takes over the horizon; and there resides a fabricated world, fragments of which are pieced together, and rendered absent fleetingly." (Ege KANAR)

Das selbst verlegte Buch 'Hammer for Scale' beinhaltet Schwarz-Weiss-Aufnahmen die die Steinförderung des letzten Jahrhunderts dokumentieren. Sämtliche Aufnahmen stammen aus diversen US-amerikanischen Archiven.
Interessant wird diese Anthologie durch Auswahl & Anordnung der Bilder sowie die Umsetzung als Buch in einer sehr kleinen Auflage von nur 20 Exemplaren!