Kou INOSE, Mayu Ishikura (ed.), Daido Moriyama (text)

Complete Works. 1982-2013

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"Published in 2015, Inose KOU's 'Complete Works' contains KOU's images found in the photographic series Phantasmagoria, Dogra Magra and from the photobook 'Visions of Japan 1998'. Contained within the 250 pages are 140 images portraying Inose KOU's most iconic images.
Images of dissection rooms, human bodies preserved in formaldehyde photographed in different stages of the dissection process echo the abandoned buildings and half cut tree stumps captured in black and white.

The strong visual associations to life and death present within the images compiled into this photobook, present a photographic narrative which fully and comprehensively presents viewers Inose KOU's most recent realized to date.

The visually strong images work as emotional and mental cues into the very depths of our memories and innermost feelings. Here what is explored is the unfamiliar and the experiences not yet encountered.
Life after death, notions of sanity and the alluring nature of the absurd present a visually stimulating narrative emphases through the almost ghostly effect of Inose Kou's black and white photography" (publisher's note)

About the Photographer Inose KOU (*1960 in Saitama, JP):
Inose KOU is one of Japan's most highly acclaimed photographers. His works have been exhibited both locally and internationally in Tokyo Yokohama, Ibaraki, Hokkaido, Montreal, Zurich and Essex.

"Der 2015 veröffentlichte Band 'Inose Kou. Complete Works' beinhaltet KOUs Bilder der phantastischen Serien Phantasmagoria und Dogra Magra (als Buchveröffentlichungen sehr gesuchte Raritäten) sowie Arbeiten aus dem Fotobuch 'Visionen von Japan 1998'. (...) Die stark visuell aufgeladenen Bilder arbeiten als emotionale und geistige Hinweise zu den Tiefen unserer Erinnerungen und innersten Gefühle.: das Leben nach dem Tod, dier Vernunftsbegrifff sowie die verführerische Natur des Absurden werden durch die fast gespenstische Wirkung von Inose KOUs Schwarz-Weiß-Fotografie erzählerisch präasentiert." (publisher's note)

Über den Fotografen Inose KOU (* 1960 in Saitama, JP):
Inose KOU ist einer der bekanntesten Fotografen Japans. Seine Werke wurden in Tokio Yokohama, Ibaraki, Hokkaido, Montreal, Zürich und Essex ausgestellt.