Andreas HELLAND, Nina ANSTEN (Book Design)

Vintage Stories London

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"The book 'Vintage Stories, London' is an inspiring, moving and beautiful tribute to the Vintage Festival; its people, magic, stories and amazing clothing. We also hope the book inspires people everywhere to implement more colourful, creative and fine clothing in their daily lives." (Andreas HELLAND)

'The book design of 'Vintage Stories' builds on colours, patterns and the tactile feel from the photographs presented in the book 'Vintage Stories'. The fabric covering the book’s spine signifies techniques of fashion design and tailoring. The title is embossed on the cover and silk screened on the spine for a sense of tactility and craftsmanship. The cover features the artist Count Indigo.
The pattern on the artist’s shirt is transferred to the endpapers of the book, and set in the same shade as the fabric. The layout is set with photographs gravitating towards the outer margins, leaving generous space in the inner margins. This effect is empowering the photographers active use of ‘negative space’ in his work, as well as amplifying the documentary aspects of the photographs."

"This photobook, 'Vintage Stories' is a 'time travel' to the Vintage Festival in London, UK. The book 'Vintage Stories' is a hommage to people who dress up in vision and care.
The founders of the Festival, Gerardine & Wayne HEMINGWAY, hoped that the festival would be a tribute to the British pop culture and British fashion from the 1920s to the 1980s.
As an alternative to images being part of a social media feed only, Norwegian photographer Andreas HELLAND wanted to collect portraits from the Vintage Festival in a book. He collaborated with book designer Nina ANSTEN Studio, and she made it to be this beautiful one, 'Vintage Stories'." (another bookseller's description)

About the photographer Andreas HELLAND:
Andreas HELLAND started a street photography project in Oslo, Norway in 2010, named Tailorism. The project was a tribute to street styles, and he became very fond of vintage styles. This passion brought him to the Vintage Festival in London.

"Der Fotoband 'Vintage Stories' ist eine Zeitreise zum Londoner Vintage Festival. Es ist eine Hommage an Menschen, die sich visionär und in Sorgfalt (ver)kleiden.
Die Gründer des Festivals, Gerardine & Wayne HEMINGWAY, hofften, dass das Festival eine Hommage an die britische Popkultur und britische Mode von den 1920er bis 1980er Jahren sein würde.
Als Alternative zu den Bildern, die nur Teil eines Social Media Feeds waren, wollte der norwegische Fotograf Andreas HELLAND die Porträts des Vintage Festival in einem Buch veröffentlicht sehen und erarbeitete zusammen mit der Buchdesignerin Nina ANSTEN den schönen Band 'Vintage Stories'." (freie übersetzung der publisher's note)

Über den Fotografen Andreas HELLAND:
Andreas HELLAND begann im Jahr 2010 in Oslo, Norwegen, ein Straßenfotografie-Projekt mit dem Namen Tailorism. Das Projekt war ein Tribut an die Street Styles; seine Leidenschaft ,zu diesem Genre brachte ihn zum Vintage Festival in London.