Thom & Beth ATKINSON, David Chandler (afterword)

Missing Buildings

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"‘When it is all over, a few of the wrecked buildings might well be left as permanent ruins… To posterity they will as effectually represent the dissolution of our pre-war civilisation as Fountains Abbey does the dissolution of the monasteries.’ (From the preface to The Architecture of Destruction, by John PIPER, Architectural Review 1941)

'Missing Buildings' seeks to answer war artist John PIPER’s vision to preserve the ruins of the Second World War in London. 
This extensive body of work, made over the last five years, studies both the physical and the imaginative landscape of the London Blitz.

Over a million of London’s buildings were destroyed or damaged by bombing between 1940 and 1945. From the mysterious gap in a suburban terrace to the incongruous post-war inner city estate, London is a vast archaeological site, bearing the visible scars of its violent wartime past.

70 years after VE Day, Thom and Beth ATKINSON's photographs search for evidence of the Blitz, both real and mythological, in order that we might memorialise what remains and contemplate its effects upon the British psyche." (