O Futuro Certo

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"The book 'O Futuro Certo', co-published by 'The Walther Collection', presents selections from Guy TILLIM's most influential works and series of the last decade, including 'Mai Mai militia in training', 'Departure', 'Democratic Congo', 'Jo’burg', 'Avenue Patrice Lumumba', and 'Second Nature'.
Anchored in photojournalism but working against the grain of spectacle, TILLIM portrays the communities, social landscapes, and symbolic structures of societies altered by conflict.
From explorations of modernist architecture―and its utopian ruins―in post-colonial Angola, Congo, and Mozambique, to the homes and private lives of Johannesburg’s inner-city residents,
TILLIM’s work raises timely questions about the politics and representation of the built environment." (publisher's note, © Steidl, 2015)

About the photographer ,Guy TILLIM:
Guy TILLIM was born and raised in Johannesburg, and began taking pictures in the mid-1980s.
TILLIM has received numerous awards including the Daimler Chrysler Award for South African photography in 2004, the Leica Oskar Barnack Award in 2005, and the first Robert Gardner Fellowship in Photography from the Peabody Museum at Harvard University in 2006.
He has participated in international exhibitions such as 'Documenta XII' (2007), 'Appropriated Landscapes: Contemporary African Photography from The Walther Collection' (2011) and 'Avenue Patrice Lumumba' at the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paris.

"Eine tolle Zusammenfassung des bisher erschienenen Gesamtwerks des südafrikanischen Fotojournalisten Guy TILLIM. Unverzichtbar!" (© Richard G. SPORLEDER)