Chain Link

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"Lee FRIEDLANDER is celebrated for his ability to weave disparate elements from ordinary life into uncanny images of great formal complexity and visual wit. And few things have attracted his attention―or been more unpredictable in their effect―than the humble chain link fence.
Erected to delineate space, form protective barriers and bring order to chaos, the fences in FRIEDLANDER’s pictures catch filaments of light, throw disconcerting shadows and visually interrupt scenes without fully occluding them. Sometimes the steel mesh seems as delicate as lace; at others it appears as tough as snakeskin.
In these 97 pictures in 'Chain Link', drawn from over four decades of work, it recurs as versatile, utilitarian and ubiquitous―not unlike the photographer himself." (publisher's note)

Über den Fotografen Lee FRIEDLANDER (*1934):
Lee FRIEDLANDER kann auf eine lange, erfolgreiche Karriere als Fotograf zurückblicken; er lebt im Staat New York.
Unter zahlreichen Auszeichnungen erhielt er einen MacArthur Foundation Award, Stipendien von der National Endowment of Art und drei Guggenheim Fellowships.
Zu seinen Veröffentlichungen zählen die bedeutenden Bücher
'Self Portrait' und T'he American Monument,' außerdem in jüngster Zeit:
'American Musicians'
'Letters from the People',
'Little Screens,'
'The Desert Seen' und