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"This is the long-awaited compendium of Lewis BALTZ’s writings from 1975 until 2007, drawn from his critical writing for magazines such as Art in America, The Times Literary Supplement, L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, and Purple.

'Texts' includes BALTZ’s texts on Edward WESTON, Walker EVANS, Robert ADAMS, Michael SCHMIDT, Allan SEKULA, Chris BURDEN, Thomas RUFF, Barry LE VA, Jeff WALL, Félix GONZÁLEZ-TORRES, John McLAUGHLIN, Slavica PERKOVIC and Krzysztof WODICZKO, among others.

This important publication gives BALTZ’s literary output the standing it deserves and offers a unique insight into some of history’s leading photographers." (publisher's note)

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Born in 1945 in Newport Beach, California, Lewis BALTZ is a defining photographer of the last half-century. After studying at the San Francisco Art Institute and Claremont Graduate School, BALTZ came to prominence with the New Topographics movement of the 1970s.

His awards include a Guggenheim fellowship and the Charles Pratt Memorial
Award, and his work is held in most major museum collections.

Über den Fotografen Lewis BALTZ (*1945 in Newport Beach, CA - 2014):
Lewis Baltz lebte seit 1985 in Frankreich und Italien. Bekannt wurde er in den siebziger Jahren mit der New Topographics Bewegung und der Teilnahme an der gleichnamigen wegweisenden Ausstellung in Rochester, New York. Baltz starb am 22. November 2014 im Alter von 69 Jahren.