William KLEIN, John Heipern (foreword)


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"Born in New York in 1928, KLEIN grew up on the streets of Manhattan, shuttling betwen blackboard jungles, experimental schools, pool halls, and the Museum of Modern Art.

At eighteen he graduated from the City College of New York and, at twenty, after two years in the United States Army in Europe, he found himself in Paris.
He studies briefly with Fernand LÉGER and painted kinetic murals for Italian architects, absorbing along the way European visual history from Masaccio to Mondrian.

In 1954, after six years of experimentation in painting, graphic design, and abstract photography he returned to New York, where he embarked on a complcated love-hate affair with his nature city that turned into an extraordinary photographic adventure.
Half amazed foreigner, half streetwise New Yorker, he set out to record his unique vision in a photographic diary...." (Excerpt from John Heipern's text)