Peter FRASER, Michael Mack (ed.)


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"Material is what we start with and material is what we are left with. It is all there is." (Peter FRASER)

Peter FRASER uses photography to investigate the physical substance of the world and to question the way in which we perceive our surroundings.
'Material' contains two of his most recent series in which he invokes the camera's democratic way of looking to analyze the different kinds of materials from which the world appears to be constituted.
Peter Fraser has cast himself in the role of an explorer gathering evidence of another world, selectively documenting the mundane and the extraordinary.

The first series of photographs was made in the laboratories of an applied physics department where he photographed the tools designed to measure the nature of matter, the very exploration of which he is engaged in with his camera.
The second series gives form to the everyday mess and grime which permeates our surroundings, the detritus and decrepitude which is the ultimate destination of all organic matter and the antithesis of the sterile high-tech laboratories.

The combination of these two series in 'Material' creates a book which probes, with conceptual acuity, the notion that matter is the primary substance of all living and non-living things." (publisher's note, © Steidl, 2002)