Larry SULTAN, Rebecca Morse (ed.), Sandra Philips (text), Philip Gefter

Here and Home

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"This first comprehensive overview of celebrated photographer Larry Sultan's work accompanies a major retrospective and features work from every significant series:
'Evidence' (1977), the conceptual project with Mike Mandel, which broke ground by demonstrating how context and sequence directly influence our interpretation of photographs;
'Pictures from Home' (1982-92), a personal exploration of family and domesticity challenging larger notions of representation through use of contemporary pictures of Sultan's parents contrasted with movie stills from his childhood;
'The Valley' (1998-2003), a deliberate inquiry into the subversion of the suburban homes commonly used by the porn industry as sets for films; and 'Homeland' (2006-09), Sultan's most recent body of work, depicting day laborers posed in evocative California settings suggesting both dislocation and longing.

Also featured are additional early collaborative works with Mandel, selected later career editorial work, and writings by and interviews with Sultan elucidating his creative process." (publisher's note)

Über den Fotografen, Larry SULTAN (1946, Brooklyn - 2009 Greenbrae, CA):
Nach seinem Studium der 'Politischen Wissenschaften', das er bereits 1968 beendete, schloss SULTAN 1973 sein Studium am San Francisco Art Institute mit demn MFA Photography ab und lehrte seit 1978 Fotografie und war seit 1989 Professor für Kunst am California College of Arts and Crafts.
SULTAN erhielt u.a. mehrere National Endowments of the Arts und hatte Einzelausstellungen im Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, im Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, im San Francisco Museum of Modern Art und im Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.

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