Curran HATLEBERG, Paul SCHIEK & Lester ROSSO (Book Design)

Lost Coast

HC (no dust jacket, as issued), 21,5 x 26
x 1,5 cm., 100 pp., 47 color ills., text language: English, Ltd. to 1,000 copies.
TBW 2016.
ISBN 9781942953296

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"In the photo book 'Lost Coast', Curran HATLEBRG presents an episodic narrative about Eureka, California. Intimate portraits of town and people function like a collection of short stories, building to an understanding of place. The pictures live between extremes, between the grand and the granular, between the breathtaking natural landscape and the grim realities of industrial decline.

The resulting portraits of everyday life contain stirring moments of intimacy, each frame its own micro narrative about life in the town. The pictures could be documents or dreams, but they all center on the strange beauty of an overlooked American life. An oversized golden foil stamp was selected for the cover of the book with the knowledge that it would fleck and become embedded in the fibers of the book cloth the more it was held, referencing both California's nickname and the region's distorted promises." (publisher's note, © TBW, 2016)

"Photobook 'Lost Coast' is an investigation of the everyday life and ethos of the residents of Eureka, California, seen with clarity and authenticity by photographer Curran HATLEBERG. The work is a compelling distillation of several well-known iterations of the photographed American social landscape, alluding to industrial decline and underlying tension while still expressing the peculiar beauty of the human condition.

In the classic vein of photobook-making, this book contains a strong body of photographs, presented in a tried-and-true style: in clean, well-paced, carefully selected pairings, with spare text and graphics. 'At a moment when there is great concern for design, this is a very tempered approach: a clean, minimal presentation that allows the viewer to engage with the content of the photographs in a direct and unfettered way,' observes Senf." (©text: Paris Photo, source:
About the hpotographer, Curran HATLEBERG (b. 1982):
Curran HATLEBERG received his MFA 2010 from Yale University. He has had numerous exhibitions, notably at Higher Pictures and Fraenkel Gallery. Hatleberg is the recipient of a 2015 MAGNUM Emergency Fund and an Aaron Siskind Grant (2014).
Hatleberg's work can be found, among others, in the collections of SF MOMA and the Center for Contemporary Photography.

Video: (by Paris Photo, merci!)

"Im seinem ersten Fotoband 'Lost Coast' dokumentiert der US-Amerikanische Fotograf, MAGNUM und Aaron SISKIND-Stipendiat (2015/2014) das Leben in Eureka, einer Gegend in Kalifornien, USA, die beides beinhaltet: großartiges Natur und ökonomischen Abstieg.
In seiner erzählenden Fotografie porträtiert Curran HATLEBERG den Alltag in all seiner Intimität unerfüllter Versprechen. Ich fühle mich an Arbeiten von Alec SOTH und Lucas FOGLIA erinnert.

'Lost Coast' war für den Aperture / Paris Photo Book Award 2016 nominiert, aber an Greg HALPERN's Band 'ZZYZX' war kein Vorbeikommen." (© Richard G. SPORLEDER)