Masahisa FUKASE, Michitaka Ota (ed.), Katsuya KATO (Book Design)


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"Kabo - Seal point Siamese (Adopted by the FUKASE family in the mid 1960s. Lived to be 23.)
In 1964, FUKASE and Yoko moved into the Matsubara Danchi housing complex. As they began life as a newly married couple, Fukase decided one day that he wanted a pet cat. During a stroll near his apartment, he met a neighbor who owned a seal point Siamese cat. The neighbor gave FUKASE one of its kittens.
He named the kitten Kabo. Every time Yoko came home from an outing, Kabo liked to jump onto her lap and sharpen his claws on the obi belt of her kimono.

Hebo - Mixed breed (Adopted by the FUKASE family in the late 1960s. Lived to be 21.)
Although FUKASE finally attained his dream of living with a cat, unfortunately Kabo became more attached to Yoko. Frustrated, a few years later FUKASE fell in love at first sight with a tiny black long-haired kitten at an angler’s hut where he often went to fish for herabuna, a Japanese crucian carp – a hobby of his at the time. He tucked the kitten in his fishing jacket and brought it home. Since then he would be seen doting on this cat, which he named Hebo, and repeating the words 'Hebo is all mine.'
At times Hebo would act like a dog, fetching small pieces of kamaboko fish cakes cut into squares that FUKASE threw, and bringing them back to his owner. The cat also enjoyed gazing out of the window of their apartment.

After FUKASE and Yoko’s divorce in 1976, FUKASE left the Matsubara complex for good. Yoko’s mother Kazuko Wanibe, who had been living with the couple at the time, continued to take care of Kabo and Hebo until the end." (publisher's note)

"Masahisa Fukase is probably best known for his book The Solitude of Ravens, which truly is beautiful.
Right now, through August 30th, 2015, his exhibit From Window can be visited as part of a show of 8 Japanese photographers, at l’Église Sainte-Anne in Arles, France. On the walls are a series of pictures made through a window of his home, featuring his then wife and muse Yohko.

We just got Fukase’s latest book, Wonderful Days, which is a collection of everyday moments featuring his cats Kabo and Hebo, pictures taken over several years back in the days of his marriage. Time is key. The situations are well known for those of us who have lived or live with fur babies. The skill lies in fixing these sometimes ordinary, sometimes surreal moments on film, and having enough diversity to edit them into a book. Which is nicely done by the publisher, roshin books. It comes in a handy size, the printing is done well, the material, binding and finishing fits the feel of the whole project, and it smells good, which doesn’t hurt at all!" (text: © ceiba, source: