Kalev ERICKSON, Ed Jones (text), Timothy Prus (text)

More Cooning With Cooners

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"Photobook 'More Cooning with Cooners' arose out of the discovery of a series of anonymous Kodachrome slides documenting one family’s 1960s racoon-hunting adventures in Ohio, USA.
The book pays homage to – and reproduces elements of – Otto Kutchler’s 'Cooning with Cooners', a 1924 publication from Hunter Trader Trapper offering an insight into this most American pastime and allowing us to appreciate just how little its values and traditions changed in the intervening years.
Also available upon request is a special edition of ten copies, each accompanied by a photo print and an original copy of the 1924 book Cooning with Cooners, and presented in a racoon fur slipcase.

Book Review:
"(...) 'Cooning With Cooners' offers a brilliantly curated collection of personal snaps found from what the book says was a early 1960's cache.
It's an idiosyncratic look at a period of American history that for me, as an urban dweller was uncomfortably voyeuristic.
The end pages drawings by artist Tyler Bright HILTON book-end the subject very nicely, with a beautiful drawing of a Raccoon's head in profile at the first page and the Raccoon's skull at the back."

"Den kleinen Fotoband 'More Cooning With Cooners' hat der in Diensten von Archive of Modern Conflictder (AMC) stehende britische Fotograf Kalev ERICKSON bereits 2011 publiziert.

'More Cooning With Cooners' bezieht sich auf einen bereits 1924 erschienenen Band 'Cooning with Cooners' von Otto KUTCHLER und zeigt dokumentarische Aufnahmen aus dem amerikanischen Westen, Ohio.

Die mit Kodachrome-Material gemachten Bilder haben eine eigene Farbigkeit und wurden im Buch mit den typisch abgerundeten Ecken wieder gegeben." (© Richard G. SPORLEDER)